Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lift Her Pull Her

He thinks she sleeps to much
She thinks he spends to much
He thinks her friends are jokes
She thinks he's out of touch
He thinks she drinks to much
She think he thinks to much

Monday, December 10, 2007

Phone Blogging

Well I'm trying something new; posting a blog entry from my phone. I
just dropped off my bike at Nytro to be boxed up and mailed back to
indy. After a brief walk home I now find myself at Beacons staring at
the dark ocean. I won't see it for a while. There are lights miles out
to sea. I wonder what the people out there are thinking. Maybe they
won't see land for a bit? Even standing here is a whirlwind of
emotion. Every time I stood on this hill looking out...thinking we were
home. Its still home, but damn does it feel different now.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Compliment in the form of a pig.

So I'm leaving school yesterday on my bike... I'm cruising down a hill going about 30 coming up to a stop light. Suddenly I get the right turn arrow so I take it wide and get low. I keep cruising for a block or two and blast through a stop sign next to a scion. Next thing I know....Sirens. Damn.

Long story short, the cop says "You were going so fast, I thought you stole it. Once you blew the stop sign, I thought for sure you stole it." So there I was sitting on the sidewalk in cuffs while he ran my ID.

So thanks for the compliment Cortez, but yes, the bike is mine.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Swami High Cali Sun

If you're in SD, get to the ocean today! The waves are incredible. I haven't seen double overheads since "Big Wednesday" in 2005... I've also seen more sunrises and sunsets in the last week than I have the last few months. Damn car. Keep it up.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

So Mad I could scream....

You Liars! You wonder why I built these walls... No, you don't wonder. You don't care. I never gave you a reason to care, so...why should you.

Well I'm trying to do the best I can now...for me...for everyone. You don't have to "buy it" because I'm not selling it. Change takes time, so if I could have some patience rather than spiteful lies, I'd appreciate it.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Flippy Cup Throw Down

John Wayne is that you? I'm so tired but my mind is still moving like the reflectors on the 5. LBC to North county in under an hour. Priceless. ...and Joel's Birthday Flippy cup tournament? Well, when was the last time you saw a beer pong table in an apartment? Exactly! A big thanks to Erin and Joel for the hospitality...and the sushi. Bring on the Boat! See you in SD.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Other Yogi's

Well, being the Hoosier that I am... I am accustomed to Yogi's in Bloomington, IN. However, I finally made it to the Yogi's in Cardiff, CA. I tend to think the neon-light-surfboard would look out of place hanging outside Yogi's in Bloomington. However, once I got inside, the similarities were a little eerie. With all of the TVs above the bar playing basketball, I really could have been watching the Hoosiers for all I knew. However, once the place started to fill up and the DJ unpacked, everything changed. Suddenly all of the tables, chairs and bar stools were removed and the crowd started dancing.

The night was so surreal though because of the rain that had been pouring since morning. The water everyone had collected with them all day now seemed to stick to inside of the windows. As the people moved to the music, the rain seemed to hover in the glittering headlights of the passing cars. So here is to Vodka & Cranberry juice mixed with people watching through the mirror at the bar. Just don't get too cocky.