Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Other Yogi's

Well, being the Hoosier that I am... I am accustomed to Yogi's in Bloomington, IN. However, I finally made it to the Yogi's in Cardiff, CA. I tend to think the neon-light-surfboard would look out of place hanging outside Yogi's in Bloomington. However, once I got inside, the similarities were a little eerie. With all of the TVs above the bar playing basketball, I really could have been watching the Hoosiers for all I knew. However, once the place started to fill up and the DJ unpacked, everything changed. Suddenly all of the tables, chairs and bar stools were removed and the crowd started dancing.

The night was so surreal though because of the rain that had been pouring since morning. The water everyone had collected with them all day now seemed to stick to inside of the windows. As the people moved to the music, the rain seemed to hover in the glittering headlights of the passing cars. So here is to Vodka & Cranberry juice mixed with people watching through the mirror at the bar. Just don't get too cocky.


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