Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The beat goes on

Hopefully I can bang this out before my computer dies so...

In case you missed the update, I've left the old job and I'm putting it down part time making smoothies just across the street. Even though the gig is only part time, I'm busy as hell - full time. Fourth Axis has been pumping and I've been racing to keep up with it. The new site will be up soon. In the mean time, we're concentrating on auction sales.

On another note. I encourage EVERYONE to check out a new site; It links up people with money to lend with borrowers. Finally capitalism FOR the people.


Friday, May 19, 2006

Cee-Lo Green

So by now Gnarls Barkley has hit the radio everywhere and people are finally soaking up that Cee-Lo southern soul. On that note, Cee-Lo has also blessed another track for a Miami crew called MAYDAY! So here's a quick plug. Go check the video before you're late.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bush - Walking tall with the Border Patrol...

So news has it that G.W. is coming down to Yuma, AZ (where Arizona
meets California meets Mexico) on Thursday to spend some time looking
at the imigration holes in the fence. You think he'd know by now. I
mean 6 years in office and he came from Texas!

Only a week or so ago, I drove through this same spot... According to
the Associated Press the Yuma section is 125 miles long. If you've
never been, it's rugged desert; some flat, some mountains but all very
hostile. So much in fact that more than 50 people died attempting to
cross in 2005 alone. However, Border Patrol estimates say they are
catching 300-450 immigrants per day in this section while even
admitting greater numbers slip through.

Driving into California I pulled into the inspection booth - basically
a toll booth with no toll. They ask "where are you coming from, do
you have any fruit?" I even had to pop the trunk this time - "Nope, no
Mexicans in there." As I drove west into the California night my mind
could only turn to wondering how many souls were out there to the

Through this 100 mile section I saw a helicopter racing along the
border in the night. Presumably with night-vision cameras following
the ant lines or coyotes through the brush. Further along in the
mountains more patrol vehicles appear. Mostly vans and trucks with a
wide horizontal green stripe from front to back. Some parked with the
lights out, some in groups abuzz with activity. Finally deep in the
mountains two border patrol stations are set up on either side of
interstate 8. On any given night stadium lights blaze down onto the
patrolmen and the cars they've stopped on that lonely highway pass.
I was sleepy that night and had a way to go. Thankfully that night
they just waved me through.

I can only wonder where this will all lead us - Citizens, Americans,
Mexicans, Californians. I feel this is only the beginning though.

Monday, May 15, 2006

World view

So it's another Monday. I'm supposed to get an email from the people behind Google's Davinci Code Contest today telling me if I'm one of 10,000 finalists or not. I guess they keep everything a surprise, because I still haven't got my damn email. Whatever, it was probably intercepted by a joint effort between the Vatican and the potus. Eh.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

When the shoe is on the other foot