Monday, February 16, 2009

Too Busy for Insight?

It seems that way. I keep thinking I'd like to sit down and write something poignant. For now, the insight must flow the other way. Into me.

Couple in the Rain, Pro Athletes, and Integration by Parts

Today started off a little odd as I rode to work with Chris. As we were driving on the overpass over the train tracks, we noticed a couple walking in the rain. They were carrying a decent amount of stuff, and one of them was pulling a rolling suitcase. Chris whipped a U-Turn to see if they needed a ride to the train station. They were headed north, trying to get the woman on a plane out of LA in 3 hours. Apparently they had missed the commuter bus to catch...something. Regardless, they were headed back to their hotel to make some calls. We offered them a ride. On the quick trip, the man was able to get a shuttle service on the phone. It seems the couple could also still catch a shuttle in Oceanside. What they hell, it's only a few miles out of the way.

As Chris and I soon learned, the young couple were both in the military. He, stationed nearby at Camp Pendleton, and her, stationed in North Carolina. He originally from Georgia. She hailed from Mississippi. At was clear now what the young woman was carrying. A bouquet of flowers with a bear, some snacks for the plane and her suitcase. She came to visit over Valentine's day, and now needed to get home.

We dropped them off under an awning by a shuttle van. The guy asked how he could get in touch with us, to say thanks. Chris fished for a card, but came up empty and said "A handshake will have to do." We wished them safe travels and drove away.


I've had some cool opportunities because of work lately. I wanted to share a couple of them, but don't like to name drop. A friend from work had a birthday party at her house a few weeks back. Her roommate who owns the house, is a female Olympic medalist and an Ironman World Champion. Then again, after a round of playing "rock band" guitar with her on karaoke, you forget about the resume.

Lately some of my work projects have been going to cool places too. We sent out some tights for the Garmin Chipotle team. We had to rush an order of cold weather gear for a cycling team competing in the Tour of California. I worked on uniform for another Olympic cycling and world cycling champion.


Lastly, math is eating my brain. Maybe in a good way, but it's too early to tell. Perhaps while one thing is integrated, another is disintegrated. Oh well, two more years.