Monday, June 25, 2007

So tired of being so tired of this government

I'm so tired of the bull shit, this lying, these slime-balls from both sides of the aisles that are ruining our country. I'm tired of endless wars, torture, unauthorized wiretapping, civil rights violations / rollbacks and general thievery from the people. Today I read an old article; IRAQ'S UNSEEN WAR,1518,371411,00.html. I found myself sifting through rarely seen photos of dead children and soldiers; casualties of this most grusome act of war. People crying out for help in the street, a man holding a dead baby. As chilling as I found the photos, I had to remind myself they were taken YEARS AGO and this war still rages on today.

In the mean time our government puts on a smiley face and sends Tony Snow to the podium to gloss over the details and fill in the cracks of our ignorance. All the while, the US government prohibits photographs of the coffins of U.S. troops returning home. The US government refuses as a matter of policy to keep track of the number of Iraqis (innocent or not) who have been killed. Bush has never attended a soldiers funeral. No one knows what success now means in the theatre of this war. Furthermore, no one has a clear plan to acheive the illusive success we seek in the middle eastern desert. Yet, no one cares. After all, we have Paris Hiltion, we have the Sopranos, we have house payments and Iraq seems so far away.

Once I finish school I may not return till the revolution begins...

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