Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Breeze

So many things have been going on I've barely had time to slow down and write about it all. My last two weekends have been incredible. Morgan and I went camping in the Angeles National Forrest....First we stopped by Erin & Joel's house in Long Beach on the way...Erin is Moving to Paris for three months! Crazy...Their Spanish style apartment is VERY cool...We all had lunch at the Open Sesame Grill...The food is almost worth dying for!...We took creepy fog pictures as it slithered through the mountains...NEXT WEEKEND...I learned how to sail...on this little guppy in San Diego Harbor...I also finished building my first fixed gear bicycle. Damn! Yeah, it's been like that and I'm not going to mention work.

Sailing was the best part of it all though. The class was all weekend from 9-4. On Saturday four of us left the dock around 10. Our boat was 22' and we spent most of the day casually discussing each piece of the boat as we sailed. The day was mostly docking and doing "drills" around buoys. On Sunday our instructor suggested we might be ready for the exam. I jumped at the chance to get it done. We all passed the test and I only missed 2 questions of more than 100. Once we were finished, around 10:30, we jumped back in the boat for another full day of sailing!


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