Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A post a day?

It is what it says. Can I do it? I don't know. I always seem to neglect my online spaces. The cobbler's children go without shoes man...

So for real, can I do it. Probably. Subject matter be dammed. You are at my whim now.

Lately it seems I have been extraordinarily preoccupied with money. Greedy? No. Just fascinated with the ways in which it can grow or disappear as the case may be... Surprisingly both methods can be accomplished with same degree of ease or difficulty. Yet this concept seems to be just beyond the physical or mental barriers of many Americans. We have been taught to believe there is one primary method of acquiring capital; "Trading hours for dollars." If you read the article you'll quickly realize why that method probably sucks for you. Don't worry though, we all have to start somewhere. I trade hours for dollars selling software.

TOMORROW I'll drop some ways to work around this problem and how you can follow along with me.


Blogger John Chow said...

Hey Josh,

Thanks for the plug. However, please lose that background. It makes your blog very hard to read.


4:00 AM  

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