Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why I love Ford

Yes, that Ford. The same ford that made your daddy's truck The same Ford that broke down on you in college. FORD.

I watched Ford (F) dive all the way to $6.19 a share and thought; it can't go any further! Then I waited just a little bit longer, because its still Ford... Just about that time Bill Ford stepped down from CEO and named Alan Mulally. That meant two things; One, Bill Ford knew when to believe in something greater than him. Two, he named Alan Mulally! The same Alan Mulally that brought the Boeing phoenix from the fire post 9/11. Then I went all in on Ford. I know what you're thinking. Ford?

Sure! Ford has been around for more than 100 years. They're like GE, AT&T and they are definitely not going anywhere. Well, maybe they get bought but I don't think Uncle Sam would let it happen. America would riot in the streets as we realized our inferiority. Since that fateful purchase of America's dying son, the stock has risen 23%. However, there was still another concern. Ford was and is bleeding money and they had to release earnings. Yesterday on October 24, Ford reported a $5.8B loss for the quarter. They LOST $5.8 BILLION in three months! This loss equates to $3.00 a share. Well if your shares are only worth $6-9 it doesn't seem like you have far to fall. Now two days after recording this massive loss, how did the investors react? UP 5%! Welcome to America.


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