Saturday, October 28, 2006

Home Improvements

Two types of homes really. Physical and virtual. First, some changes to the MSpace page. For a while you couldn't message me, or view the photos, etc. Some of that has been fixed so it's a little more YourSpace than just MySpace. However, I wanted to write where ever the hell I wanted to write, so I'm importing my blog instead of keeping it on MSpace. Anyway, let me know what you think. I'll be turning the comments back on soon so...

On the flip side, Morgan and I bought a new couch last week. It's soooo comfy, you melt into it. It's also way bigger than the junker we threw out. I'm still confused as to where the junker went though. We put it in the alley by the dumpster and poof, no more couch. I like it when things work out. So now we have a huge couch to be lazy on and it's great. We even had to move the room around it was so big. The delivery guys even made me sign a damage waiver because they had to swing the sofa over the balcony railing to get it inside. Alas, not a scratch.


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