Thursday, November 29, 2007

I can't feel my face....

No literally. I just got back from the dentist. So...Life has has been tumultuous lately. That still wouldn't explain my lack of writing would it? I've just recently changed jobs, changed cars, changed houses and managed to get dumped. When it rains it pours huh?

If nothing else my position forces me from the mental drought I'd grown accustomed to. In many ways, my life now, mirrors my life of three years ago. In one regard I've found myself sleeping in a strange place with a different type of distance between Morgan and I. My future also seems less certain. Regardless, I'll just have to be positive...or else there's no real point.

That go me thinking about the things in my life that I have to be positive about. The things I have to look forward to...

My health. Cliche huh? Really though. My body has been good to me, so I return the favor. I've lumbered my way up a few mountains and have a few more planned. As I meet competitors less fortunate than I, I know these people are stronger than I will probably ever need to be. Even if for that reason alone, I must be grateful.

Morgan. Morgan is my light and my love. Morgan inspired me to chase the California dream with her. I simply can't and wouldn't imagine any alternative. She has truly been my guiding light through the storm. I look forward to her kindness and guidance in my life in any form as I try to make sense of it all.

My friends. Most of them are 2,000 miles away...and I know I've been a dick. I'm grateful for the friends I have. My hope is that I friends I've had, haven't given up on me. If you're listening...I know its too late and too far away to just start over. I've just been scared and I hope you can forgive that with time. As I sort things out I look forward to reconnecting with those of you who still want to.

California has been a dream for me. Literally and literally. I was so taken back the first time I saw the Pacific. I knew I'd come back I just didn't know when. Once I moved here I tried to seize every opportunity that presented itself. For that I think life has rewarded me. On the flip-side, its easy to lose yourself in a dream and forget these opportunities are fleeting. I look forward to waking up to see where they will take me next.

Sailing, Cycling and Climbing. The three things that represent true Independence and freedom for me. The art of traveling sans engine to wherever your heart desires. I think few people have the opportunity to experience these pleasures as much as they should. So the invitation to go sailing, cycling or climbing ALWAYS STANDS.

My Future Life. Here is to sailing around the world, ironman, Alcatraz, the mini marathon, the to-go list and everything I haven't thought up yet!


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