Monday, June 06, 2011

On the Road Again

As many of you know, starting in a couple of weeks, I'll be cycling across the county. I'm starting out from Encinitas, CA and will finish in Savannah, GA around the end of July. I'll be rolling solo, and ultralight camping along the way. So....I've decided to try to breathe some life back into my blog. I'll be sharing my route, my pack list, pictures and any random crap I see along the way (Texas anyone?).

Since I began telling people about my trip, I've heard a ton of questions and concerns. So I figured I'd answer some of them now for anyone who sees this.

Since I'll be traveling through the south, the number one thing I've heard, "Isn't it gonna be hot?" You sir or madam have obviously mastered geography and the seasons and should move on to eating with a fork. But yes, I'll be crossing the desert, and am well aware of how many immigrants die out there each year. I say immigrants because the deaths are obviously disproportionate compared to spoiled crackers. We're not talking about fat Texans on rascals writhing away in the sun... So sure, I've thought about the elements, but the sad truth is I have a much better shot of getting dinged by a car. Yet, no one seems to ask about that...

Since I can't prepare for cars, but can prepare for the elements, here's the plan to beat the heat.

1. Two water bottles
2. A 6L collapsible water bladder.
3. A landscaper's hose key.
4. I'll be traveling via one the most efficient machines man has ever created - bicycle.

On foot, a fit human could probably only cover about 36 miles in an 18 hour day. Physically carrying water, it would be hellish, and they would have no water to carry by days end. On bicycle, I'll be able to carry 2 gallons of water with little additional effort, and cover 180 miles.

So the plan is to race for Austin and spend a couple days, then make another quick dash to the Gulf Coast, then slow down the pace a bit. Bring on the catfish and sweet tea!


Anonymous Chris Grant said...

My brothers are very concerned you will get run over in the middle of nowhere. I assured them you will be safe and do everything you can to not get run over. They also think I'm crazy from driving across the country by myself.

10:14 PM  

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