Monday, October 26, 2009

Give up, start shooting, or become republican?

It's easy to see why people would want to do one of the former. I'm not sure if this is going to turn into a rant, but it's been a while since I've really posted anything of meaning, or sent out a mass email though.

Long ago, in a land called high school, I was one of the most abrasive, cynical, jaded individuals I knew. I had my reasons, but one day I woke up and realized I needed to let that all go. Now, I walk through life now trying to be kind, do my best, and be happy, and I am happy. However, I'm still one of the most cynical, jaded individuals I know. So what gives?

Logic I guess. From a young age I realized how and why things worked. After I had a few teachers that weren't qualified to teach me, it was officially on. Which is why I can understand how people would want to break down, give up, start shooting, or become a republican. At this point you may be thinking - Hey, I don't want to do any of those things...I'm normal, I have a dog, or a wife, or a kid, or a meaningful job...what gives? Well, one of two things. One, you've found a cause, something to rally behind. Two, you've become content, and most likely self-absorbed with irrelevance. I know, that's pretty harsh, but hey, it's your life. Hell, I've become content too, but I'm still pissed off.

So let's get down to it. How and why do things work? MONEY. Sure, you can say there money doesn't motivate all men, or that it can't buy you happiness, and I agree. However, if you can dare say money isn't the motivator behind most decisions (including yours), I'll show you a liar. (As a side note, this is why I'm majoring in economics. Not my feelings about money, YOURS!) Simply, the price of an item is the number one factor in your decision to take part in it. Let me give you a few examples. Who do you know that can afford Starbucks, but brews at home? Who do you know that can afford to eat out at lunch, but packs theirs? Who do you know that can afford a Lexus, but keeps their toyota? Mere luxuries right? Who do you know that can afford healthcare, but opts out? Who do you know that can afford a home, but sleeps on the street? Who do you know that can afford groceries, but goes hungry? NO ONE! NO ONE! Yet, why are there so many in this country who go without healthcare? Who go without food? Who live below the poverty line?

I am cycnical and jaded because the American dream as we know it is dead. Granted, this is still the land of opportunities, and I will never turn my back on my country. However, the days of a modest single-income family are over. The middle class is dying. We are becoming the world's working poor - the surfs of a new era. Is this some grand conspiracy of the illuminatti? Hell no. It is every man for himself in a world of flailing morality. Gone are the days when he who pays his dues is rewarded appropriately. Living wage - Gone. Healthcare - Gone. Mutual respect for fellow humans - Gone. Respect for knowledge and truth - gone. Give the average citizen an Escalade, an iphone, the Tyra show, and there you go.

We as humans are neck deep in the corporate era. In this new paradigm, corporations have the same rights as humans, but none of the responsibilities. Things are now different because corporations have exited over a few generations. We are now able to see the long term effects of our decisions to grant corporations human rights.

As a human, if I turn to unscrupulous behavior in the name of profit, I will most likely be ostracized and shamed by my peers. Perhaps I will even be prosecuted and incarcerated. However, the same is not true for a corporation. They lack morality, and have but one goal, profit. If they can generate profit, they will be rewarded. If their members can generate profit, through any legal means, moral or not, they will also be rewarded. Subsequently, what if a corporation behaves illegally to gain a profit? Can the corporation be incarcerated? Or course not. Operations will continue on, and even if the parties responsible are removed, the profit is booked, and the company is rewarded. Thus, corporations have all the rights of humans, and none of the responsibilities. What I'm really saying is, you're cooked. Short of a revolution, your only hope is to start a corporation, and accumulate generational wealth. Let's face it, how smart are you really? Sure, maybe you know a lot about science, or music, or math, or chemistry. If you teach your child everything you know, will that be enough to for him or her to face off against a room full of well heeled geniuses that has boiled down human behavior to mathematical models? NO. No, and you know it. Simply, you're probably done. Your kids are probably done.

Let's look at some quick facts. You've been taught to believe you can work hard, save your money, and you'll retire rich and happy. Yet, pensions schemes have proven to be insolvent. Hard work isn't as rewarding as financial trickery. The stock market is just now breaking even from 10 years ago. The dollar is fighting to fend off a one year low. Gold is near an all time high. The failed banks that were "too big to fail" are now bigger than ever (thanks to your tax dollars), and are paying more than ever. Furthermore, they were actually able to engineer a system in which they would lend you easy money to compete against your neighbor in bidding up homes...and when the system collapsed, your home was worth less, yet your debt remained. Half the deal at twice the price. Neat trick huh?

The corporations, so ubiquitous in our everyday life, have continued to get larger and larger. The successful ones have continued to consume their competitors, and peers. They have used our money to buy our leaders and turn them against us. Self preservation among the elite has fostered an environment of competition, not for the benefit of the masses, but for the benefit of the beneficiaries. After all, how fun is the game when your competitor has a head start? What if you have a head start? Is there a hidden elitist agenda? Hardly. Just the smartest guys in the room using logic against you. Can everyone really be on top? No. So, how can the huddled masses be forced to stay huddled? Oppression in the guise of fairness.

1. Keep them breeding - The more people there are on the bottom of the pyramid scheme, the higher those on the top. The sanctity of life should be preserved by shunning birth control and abortion - unless discussing the death penalty or war.
2. Keep them stupid - Be sure the public educational system fails it's students so that they may fall victim to well laid plans.
3. Keep them hopeful - Let them believe they too can succeed if they only try hard enough. When they fail, they will have no one to blame buy themselves.
4. Keep them content - Give them enough so that they do not question why they should not have more.
5. Keep them buying - Give them irrelevant items to fill the void created by their lack of success.
6. Let them die - Providing healthcare to the masses only serves to let them question their other needs at the expense of their benefactors.

P.S. I'm over FB for a while. I'l make sure my contact info is up to date. I love you all, but this lowest-common-denominator issue has got me down. I need to focus on school, tutoring, and of course - my corporation Reef Holdings LLC.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Josh, Healthcare never was. Your header also forgot "become a Democrat." Simply put Josh there is no need to care about anyone. At one time religion gave you the conscious to care or forced if it makes one happy. The 60's and 70's ramped up a gradual process of loosening the boundaries and now we have a society where caring about humans ranks below insects. Instead we want to set up a system of government where they take care of us while we live carefree. When we refuse to take control we allow others to profit through the use of us. No matter the system of government, unless we take an active part in caring and remove government from this we will continue a freefall in life where money and what it can get you rules. When we look at other forms of government we see the same problem we have in America. Socialism - the very few on top reap the benefits and everyone else given scraps and are told it's gold. Dictatorship - See socialism. Communism - See Dictatorship. Anarchism - See communism. Josh, you need to actively care about your fellow human being before positive change occurs.


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