Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Renovation, Taxation and Resusitation

With only about five minutes to write before class, we'll see how this goes. Again, things are as busy as always. Class has just started (first day back), Jessica and I were able to get through most of the office renovation, make some progress on our taxes, and begin to revive a dead business.

Now that our roommate has left, we began working on the office on Saturday with a trip to Lowe's. We were both a little bummed because the countertop color we wanted wasn't in stock, though the website said it was. However, when we were rang up incorrectly for the pieces we bought, things seemed to make sense. Nevertheless, we bought 20' of countertop to line two of the walls in the office. By Sunday it was all installed, with only some painting left to be done.

Since we both got our W2s, we decided to also tackle our taxes. It turns out my ideology of making little money this year payed off. Though she paid more taxes than me and made a little more than I, she ended up owing while I have a net return. However, being a slacker for a few hundred bucks was not my true intention. Because my income is lower, it should put me in a better position to apply for aid to UCSD. *bling*

Lastly, I've revived FourthAxis with a new name ReefOutdoor. The site is looking mangy right now, but a link can only help my google rankings. Right?


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